Our portfolio contains printing and producing of packages of different dimensions. Its utilisation lays in industrial and agricultural segments like pharmacy or food market.

The right bag fits with its content. We offer solutions of small bags, packages with lots of different dimensions and materials, as well as standard BOPP or bio-degradable ones.

Your logo, your slogan and idea - printed on an self-adhesive tape by us. Standard and custom dimensions - just leave us a message and we will find the right one for you.

We provide a large spectrum of films. Materials as BOPP, PE or CPP are standard these days, just as bubble films and the already mentioned bio-degradable alternatives.

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Why a product needs a great packaging? We believe, that without quality of content, the packaging will not be enough. But when your product is good, we would love to help you attract the customer with an original concept and design of the outside look. Package is the first the customer sees - no matter it is food or technology. We offer the first class and friendly services, want to consult the marketing of the product and try to find the best possible solution for you.
Don’t hesitate and leave us a message 
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